Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Chilean Sea Bass Part 2

Hi everyone, I'm back this week with a bit more on the Chilean Sea Bass. In this post I'm going to discuss more reasons why this fish should be a no-go when dining out....

-The Chilean Sea Bass is caught by longline fishing. Longlining is the process of fishing by which a boat drops a long line (usually from about 2 - 80 km) in the water. Attached to this central line are smaller lines, and attached to the smaller lines are baited hooks. After the line is left to soak for a time, the boat returns to reel in the catch. Longline fishing comes with the problem of bycatch - in Antarctica seabirds such as Petrels and Albatross will nab the bait as the line is being dropped into the water. These birds get ensnared in the hook and drown as the line sinks. Longline fishing operations also end up catching other species of fish. These other fish and birds end up wasted - killed without a purpose.

Many fishing boats catching Chilean Sea Bass are doing so illegally. They are disregarding the catch limits and endangering the species. All to make money. BUT - if consumers say no to Chilean Sea Bass, prices will drop and overfishing will become less and less attractive.

There are plenty of tasty fish out there. If you're unsure what's best to eat, check out this guide from the Blue Ocean Institute (an ASOC member!).

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