Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So I'm at work trying to finish up the children's/teacher activity packet.  I don't think it'll be done today, but definitely by next time if all goes well (meaning if I'm not supposed to be working on something else first).  It looks pretty good so far, though.  I have spent a lot of time editing, moving things around, adding finishing touches, etc.  I have also been learning a lot from doing the research (as you saw in my last two posts) - I can finally identify the 6 different penguin species (for the most part at least - some of them look incredibly similar!).

Other work projects I have been doing as of late are focused on our donors.  ASOC is a registered non-profit and all of our income comes from one of two sources: private donors and membership fees (since ASOC is a coalition, all groups within the coalition pay an annual fee).  I have been sending out copies of ASOC's 2008 Annual Report and when Claire gets back from the ATCM meeting, we will both work together to streamline the entire database.  It's not exactly the most exciting work (stuffing envelopes = blah...), but it does serve a very important purpose.

I have been reading through some writings by Arnae Naess, the founder of the deep ecology movement, and hope to post on those as soon as I finish my HUGE group project this weekend.

Enjoy the spring weather!

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