Thursday, January 15, 2009

On the Job

Yesterday was my first day at ASOC (the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition) for school credit. To be honest, working there didn't feel any different than it was last semester. I'm doing the same jobs and thinking about the same things while I'm at work. It's nice, actually, to get school credit for something I would want to do anyway (and to get paid for something I'm passionate about - but that's been the case for months now...). And the readings I have planned are of particular interest to me. I'm really excited!

I plan to use this blog as my journal - or at least one version of my journal. I figure this way, I can inspire others to ask themselves some of the questions I will be exploring this semester: What is our responsibility to the earth? Why should we care - is it for future human generations, protecting animals or just for the good of the planet as an interconnected system? Are we as humans supposed to take on a stewardship role? Why are virtually untouched places like Antarctica important? etc, etc. Comments and opinions are always appreciated, of course. And I'd love to share readings with other interested environmentalists and or philosophy students.

I'll be back this weekend with more...


Junior at American University
International Studies (Global Environmental Politics)

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